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Jon & Vinny's; The D blog Dines with Dotolo and Shook

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Want to know how to enjoy the hottest pizzeria-plus in Los Angeles when regular times mean waiting and building expectations? So simple.  Why Didn't I think of it sooner?  Go when no one knows it's open.  Lunch on a weekend.  

While my blog had been Dying for content as I'd immersed myself in full time work, my taste buds remain on high alert and Daringly active.  No shortage of meals for my 100 pound frame and remarkably undeterred by two nasty bouts of food poisoning this summer.  (One, I'm sad to say, related to visit to Madeo's, a standard reliable Italian classic.  Do yourselves a favor and Don't order the veal there on a busy and hot summer night unless you're drinking copious amounts of Cabernet to kill bacteria.) But I Digress.

Jon & Vinny's is the eponymous newbie on Fairfax.  As critics lay in wait hoping to knock the invincible Duo, Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo, I say go without attaching them to prior greatness.  Go and eat the things that they want you to.  Servers and cooks, who are visible and even likable, know what to order there.  Meatballs are sensational.  The meat is soft and flavorful with the right amount of fat to melt in your mouth and not Destroy your arteries.  The red sauce that smothers the meatballs is as good as any in town.  The burrata top quality.  This is their put-a-star-beside-it Dish and it is accompanied by garlic-laden brushetta that is soft-centered and edge-crisped perfectly.  

Pizza is Delicious. Most pizza, made seriously anywhere, is delicious when you know the style a quality pizza maker is going for and you're in the mood for pizza.  The right oven and fresh ingredients take all pizza to a new level.  I'd be lying to say this is the best pizza you'll eat.  But I'm saddened to read that many Diners are already yelping and bashing.  Jon & Vinny's red-sauced pizzas are flavorful and fresh.  I won't go to bed Dreaming about them, but you can bet your sweet Dollar that I'll be ordering pizza there again.  Soon.

Didn't get to Desserts there yet, but everyone around us was having a good time with them.  Soft-serve ice cream looks like the way to go.

One more note that makes a Jon & Vinny visit compelling.  I've Dined many times at Animal and Son of A Gun and reviewed Son of A Gun on this blog.  When they got involved in Trois Mec, though I knew it was outstanding, I was annoyed by the pretense and Difficulty in acquiring a reservation.  Petit Trois ameliorated that to some Degree.  And now I hear from Trois Mec regularly indicating that they are wanting the reservation process to be more friendly.  To all of the above, I say there has been inherent "attitude."  My experience at Jon & Vinny's erased any bad tastes of bad attitude that have gone before.  Not only was I greeted warmly, but I could sense a premeditated intention to fun-the-vibe.  Neither Jon nor Vinny know that I write, and yet both, during my lunch popped over to see how things were. So did a manager.  (Wait, what?  Yaaaaas!  Just sayin'!)

After more visits, I'll write again. Until then, if you hate waiting, Do one of two things.  Pop in on a weekend Day at lunch time.  Or make a reservation by phone.

 Jon & Vinny's