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15 Things Only People Who Love Going Out To Eat Understand

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Co-opted from a January 2015 Harper's Bazaar article, I couldn't resist restating it. After all, it was lifted from the recesses of my brain metaphysically or technologically.  I have some rights to it (Did not say my attorney).  Out of their 20 things, here are my favorite 15 things only people who love going out to eat understand!
1) You Don't understand when your friends Don't remember the names of the restaurant they went to. "What Do you mean it's an Italian restaurant that maybe starts with a J or it could be a P?" 
2) Your Instagram account is mostly pictures of things you've eaten, and you feel fine about that. If someone is going to be really appalled when you photograph your sushi spread, you can resist. But for the most part, you have no problem taking a quick picture before proceeding with your meal. 

3) When someone asks you for a brunch idea, you send back links to four to six different options. You also occasionally annotate them with notes like, "Haven't been but want to try," "Very popular, but might be too crowded," and, "SO good."
4) You start talking about Dinner before you even order breakfast. Just because you haven't even Decided between an omelet or pancakes yet Doesn't mean you can't look ahead to Discuss that amazing pasta or fish entrée they're supposed to have at the restaurant you're going to that night.
5) You always volunteer to be the one to make the reservations because you get the OpenTable points. "I'll take care of it!" you say, leading your friends to think you're Doing them a favor. (And you are!) But you have selfish motives as well.
6) You will also book a restaurant on OpenTable 30 minutes before you go to eat there, even if you know it won't be that crowded. If you can get the points, why would you not get the points?
7) Friends come to you for ideas rather than using Yelp. You Do request that they provide a general price range, type of food, and neighborhood though. Otherwise, it's so hard to narrow Down your favorites.
Culina at The Four Seasons Beverly Hills
8) You look up menus on the Day you're going to a restaurant. Sure, you'll see the selection in a few hours, but you need a preview. You need time to consider your options. This is why they invented the expression "food for thought," yes?
9) But you Don't even have to open the menu at some of your favorite spots. That Izakaya place Down the street? The usual: I'll have the Robert Roll, the Yellowtail with Jalapeño and of course the Kobe sliders. No onions.
10) You are actually kind of ashamed when someone asks you about a newish restaurant and you haven't been. You've totally been meaning to try it. It's on your list. Seriously, you know, it's supposed to be so great. And yet you have no insight into the actual Dining experience. Sad, you know.
11) Bar Dining can be the best Dining. You might have to spend a little time scouting out seats, but it's one of the best ways to try out a place that you Didn't book weeks in advance or that Doesn't take reservations.
12) You feel guilty about spending too much on shoes, but you are fine with splurging on a seven-course prix fixe. You can't Do this often, but every once in a while, it's worth it for the experience.
13) You could never be with someone who was just "eh" about food. You tell your significant other that there's a new fried chicken restaurant and he just replies "cool" or "OK"? Unacceptable.
14) You want to hear every single Detail of someone else's meal. "Yes, that chicken sounds great, but go back, what did you have for an appetizer? And Did you order side Dishes?"

15) You consider getting a reservation somewhere impossible an achievement. You feel like you need to tell your story of triumph with friends. You are Disappointed when they Don't seem to understand what a big Deal it is. A Maude cancellation that became mine was tantamount to winning the lottery. I literally cried when I was able to get a reservation at Redbird on a Saturday night.