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Magnificent Maude: A Tasty Look

Lucky.  Just felt crazy-lucky to be accommodated so graciously on Day 2 (February 4) of Maude's auspicious opening.  Joining two Dearest east coast foodie friends on their two-day visit, we embarked on what was to be one of the greatest Dinners any of us had ever tasted.  Operative word. Tasted.  A 10-course Dinner (give or take) consisted of carefully creatively crafted tastes, whose Diminutive size continued to expectantly seduce us as we Digested.  The obvious concern going in is how on a weeknight would we manage to enjoy that much food without feeling overloaded.  Once there, the concern Dissipates.  Portions and the service thereof, along with careful timing, matched with thoughtful wine pairings contribute to the magic of Maude's magnificence. 

Selfish. I Didn't write sooner wondering if my unbridled raving would lessen my chances of going back any time soon. Shame. The grapevine shared that getting a reservation is nearly impossible.  Embarrassed that I held back.  Curtis Stone and all of the Devoted, committed and talented pieces of the whole Deserve the accolades.  If you Don't love the experience, I'll be surprised.  After all, to Dine at Maude is akin to Dining at home with Curtis Stone and friends in the kitchen.  Moreover, the vintage eclectic tableware intentionally reminds you of Dear Maude, Curtis' beloved grandmother, his inspiration and muse.

Our night out was on February 4.  Notes aside, I have gestalt memory, not the Details of each.  The feelings about the experience are as fresh as the morning Dew. Heavenly. Textures, bursts, salts and sweets are more vague.  Know this; the photos and titles of Dishes tell most.  Also know this; each month Maude chooses a seasonal theme, an ingredient (ours Citrus), and that theme will permeate the meal and grace courses in unexpected ways.

Follow the order of the menu as listed below and each photo Displays the matching item.  There were surprise additions at the meal's conclusion including "swag (!)" presented by modest and self-taught pastry chef, Vanessa Garcia who is a budding superstar.  Her creations are artful, restrained and without a Doubt, Delectable. Each of us was given a wrapped Vanessa-baked brioche along with her own jarred lemon butter, a hospitable touch that left us Dreaming of breakfast in our own kitchens the next morning.

25 seats - therein lies the gift and the rub if you're Dying to go now!
What did I learn?  That I should have told you sooner so more of you could have had a chance to snag a table during Citrus month.  That this was absurdly low-priced at $75 and a testament to the sensibility of the entire experience.  Approachability, accessibility, affability speak louder than arrogance, ego and exclusion. That Curtis Stone is more than a handsome face and a tall Drink of water, make that whiskey.  And finally that He's a gifted chef, a genuinely gracious man (yes handsome!) and intimidatingly ambitious.  I want to be him when I grow up. 

212 S Beverly Dr
Beverly Hills, CA 90212
(310) 859-3418