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Make Time to Sqirl Away LA's Breakfast Obsession

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The D Blog laments its recent Dearth of Posts. Delusional, I thought I'd have the Daily Diligence to return to my full time profession while keeping up an ambitious blogging life.  Disappointed in my Delays psychologically sabotaged me further and I shut Down my inner blogger.

I'm back to pump out some news and views about my ventures into the LA Dining scene which continued throughout my hiatus.  I ate; I just Didn't write!  My appreciation for inspired food has not Diminished.  And quitting is not an option.

Last month's Dinners have gotten slightly Discombobulated in my brain.  Details might be mushy but the overall impressions are fresh. The most magnificent Dinner was at Curtis Stone's Maude.  Defying wordy Description, I've got a photo essay that I'll save for my next post.

The easiest place to restart the D blog is with the least complex meal of any Day, breakfast.  Sqirl, the Silverlake revelation on Virgil Ave., lifts the L.A. breakfast to unmatched heights.  While the tastes are memorable, it's impossible to separate the taste sensations from the entire experience of Sqirl. One of my Dearest friends, Sofia, introduced me to Sqirl.  She's a neighbor and Devotee of Jessica Koslow's creations. As I beheld Sqirl's scene and though well prepped, a Dizzying winsomeness overtook my senses.

From the barren off-beaten East Hollywood stretch of Virgil Ave.,  you come upon the hubbub of Sqirl.  Activity swirls.  Outside, there are colorful kitsch signs, sidewalk trees, hipsters hanging, young moms sitting and newbies like me pretending not to gawk.  Narrow your lens and inside, the magic is being created in plain view without a hint of slickness.  Symbolized by Jessica's signature head wrap and her warm approachability, you are instantly pressed up against the line cooking of Jessica and her loyal loving staff.  Study ahead for this is no time to think about what you might want to order.  Hungry regulars stand ahead of you and behind you.  I let my friend order for us. Good move.

Sofia Deftly ordered three items, Sqirl classics,  along with her latte.  (I have never tasted coffee; a little-known personal tidbit!)

Kokuho Rose brown rice, sorrel pesto, preserved Meyer lemon, lacto fermented hot sauce, French feta, watermelon radish and poached egg

Open face brioche toast, kale, tomatillo puree, lacto fermented hot sauce, fried egg

Raw shaved brussel sprout salad, persimmon, sherry vinegar, hazelnuts. 

Is it me or don't the ingredients alone tell you what you need to know?  Gritty and savory items may Deter your taste buds but I'm urging open-mindedness.  Dine with a willingness to trust that fresh farm-Driven food prepared with love and commitment tastes Deeply flavorful.  Soulful, even. 

I am a feeling-obsessed human.  Therefore ambiance plays a huge role in my love (or not) of an experience.  It's been no secret that I'm weak for the cool factor.  Sqirl is cool in the oh-please-don't-ever-say-out-loud-that-I'm-cool-or-then-I-won't-be-cool-anymore way.  The Deity of Sqirl is humility.  Jessica Koslow is its unpretentious angel.

To omit Jessica's homemade jams and Delete Jessica's back story would be travesty.  Nevertheless, many before me have Done it well.  If you're curious, check out these links:
http://www.laweekly.com/2013-10-24/eat-drink/sqirl-jessica-koslow/  and http://sqirlla.com/story.php

Also, Jessica's treasures have been Discovered by Food and Wine Magazine and she is named one of the ten most brilliant up and coming chefs in California.  People can vote up until today, March 31.  Vote for F&W's 10 best American chefs

If certain elements of Dining are minimum requirements e.g. comfort, privacy, prime location and tradition, Sqirl is not your place. But if you get juiced up on a San-Francisco-meets-old-Soho vibe or get turned on by Baco Mercat's original concept and you want to see an angel-eno creating from her heart and soul, add Sqirl to your spring to-Do list. 

720 North Virgil Ave  #4
Los Angeles 90029