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Your Dining Concierge: Headstart on DineLA

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DineLA Week 2014 is On. Its. Way. 
Not a time to Detain.  Mark all Digital Calendars. Ready, get set and go to links and reserve reserve reserve.  
January 20 will be here before you know it!


A Food Affair.

Here's a steal for wonderful food with low key ambiance.  Low key is an understatement here and the quality of food is underrated.  I worry that this place won't make it - it's off most radars.  They Don't know me and I love them.  Kinda like me and George Clooney. I know what you're probably thinking, that my Dreamy affair (not with food) is but a fantasy. And for the record, Amy Poehler nailed it. She recognized opportunity. Ah yes, I Digressed!
Back to reality, A Food Affair is a sweet gem of a restaurant with attention to food Details and the love thereof. (a BYO)


Little Fork.

And another relatively unknown gem with a great menu for Dine LA is Little Fork.



Are you kidding me?  Gusto included their unbelievable (and in my top 5 Dessert list) Dessert to their amazing DineLA menu selections.  Book this! :) Their menu is generous and that's what you seek. 


Bar & Kitchen.

Haven't been but have heard about this mini-hotspot. Gleaned the Dedication of the chef and noted his interest in combining Down home with fresh and modern.  This is one of the best DineLA menus at $35. I read that their DineLA food in the past put them on the map.  Bar|Kitchen has been touted for its craft cocktails but if this menu reveals there's more to this hideaway than happy hours would indicate, I'd be happy we were in the know.  


I'll keep you posted on menus that sound like Delectable bargains.  The trick I've found is to snag the $35 options.  The $45 options are at better restaurants but here's how that goes.  You order wine or a cocktail and then you're at $60 pp on a weeknight.  Now add tax and tip.  Need I say more?   So yes, it's still a "Deal" for the likes of Spago and Craft etc.  But is it really what you want to spend for a weeknight Dinner out?

I think I can help you find some $25 or $35 steals for quality meals and help you Discover some foodie havens on DineLA's Docket.  Please let me know if you have additional ideas on how to make DineLA really work for you and your Dining companions.

AND if you Do try any of these, readers would love to get feedback - or you can email me and I'll share on your behalf, anonymously.

Pardon the harried and hurried nature of this thrown-up-in-seconds post.  Emphasis on expedience not eloquence!

All best to Diners in Los Angeles always,
Ilene Wendy