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Your Restaurant Matchmaker - Use Me (for free!)

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Otherwise known as your Los Angeles Dining "concierge,"  it occurred to me that the trend is in matchmaking and that's what I think I can do best for you! When that special Dinner is approaching, Diners who Dwell in Los Angeles or who are planning a trip to the City of Angels wander around the web gleaning everyone's "top" lists and sifting through Yelp.  Believe me, I Do the same.  Only I like to Do it as a pleasurable pastime in order to set me up for the best possible experience.  Let's face it, most of us put some limitations on our Dining Dollars and Definite limitations on how long we want to linger on the Internet. Still, we want to get it right!  Often out of frustration, we end up going back the same old places and miss out on some fabulous finds. 

How Does it work?  Just email me here or comment.  I'll go back and forth with you a bit to get more specifics about your likes (cuisines, energy, etc.) and needs (location, cost, etc.). Then I'll provide you with options and cross my fingers that all goes beautifully.  That's the goal -- to set you up with the just-right-fit of a place - so that your brunch, lunch or Dinner connects you to your company and is not spent fretting about the food or ambiance.

A recent email question:

Q. Hi there.  My wife and I are going to be in Los Angeles in late December.  We want to have one really nice Dinner out only my wife keeps saying that she hopes to see celebrities at the restaurant. Are there places where that's more likely to happen - or is it basically a crap shoot?  Thanks, Mark 

**Mark gave me permission to post his question.  He and I went back and forth a few times for me to find out where they'd be staying, what their price requirement was, and what foods they like to eat.

A. Hey Mark, you're not alone. Seeing celebrities in Los Angeles is a kick even for locals.   Most A-list celebrities are Discreet, shun paparazzi and make rare public appearances.  That said, there are some spots with better odds than others and still other spots where everyone LOOKS like a celebrity!  Since you're wide open to cuisines, you've made this easier.  The once-A-list haunt has moved from the Ivy to nearby Craig's on Melrose Ave. in West Hollywood.  It's the latest auto-go-to publicist's dream where celebrities are secured.  Whether it's because George Clooney hosted his post-Oscar party there or because I've seen Sandra Bullock there twice, I'd say you have a good shot at making your wife a happy camper.  What Craig's used to be is Dan Tana on Santa Monica Blvd.  Dan Tana's is a pure trip anyway and relegated to the B or C list-ers, but you'll still get a charge from the energy there.  Neither of the above rock my world food-wise but if you choose them, let me know and I'll give you some popular menu items. Dan Tana's might not fall into the "nice Dinner out" category but it would be a fun iconic experience. Madeo Restaurant on Beverly Blvd. is an oldie but a goodie and by old, hmmm, I saw Warren Beatty there though I also saw Maksim Chmerkovskiy!  Going west, the elite go to Giorgio Baldi in Santa Monica (I've seen everyone I'd ever hoped to there) or Nobu Malibu. Both have exemplary food that is expensive and worth it.  Sur on Robertson is cliché thanks to the Vanderpump Rules reality TV show.  The servers are the reality TV stars. If your wife watched, she'll be amused. My family had a few thrills there and was pleasantly surprised that the food wasn't horrible!! :) Osteria Mozza is closer to where you'll be staying and a foodie fave. I've seen many very famous and friendly celebs there.  Tavern in Brentwood (wonderful California cuisine and beautiful setting) and the Four Seasons Hotel on Doheny Blvd. are good bets.  Lastly, there is a lot of commotion outside of Mr. Chow in Beverly Hills though it's hard for me in good conscience to suggest there.  Hype over substance, in my opinion.  For fabulous Dining experiences, see my other blog posts about the finest Dining - and just take your wife to get her hair blown out at MyblowLA on Bedford in Beverly Hills.  Across the street, there are countess paparazzi every single weekday, guaranteed. She'll catch a glimpse of someone, best by befriending the paparazzi. They'll tell you who they're scoping out. Then you can Dine wherever the food is best and forget about it!

Have a fab trip and of course, buon appetito,  
Ilene Wendy

++Some honorable mention for celeb sightings or celeb look-alikes are Fig & Olive, Crossroads (vegan) and Soho House (membership only).

If you have more ideas for Mark, please post your comments here.  Also, if you want a match for a meal in L.A., email me or comment. 

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