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Dining Out Gift Ideas + Promo Code + Wine #6 = A D-blog Mashup

Do you ever find that it's harder to focus around holiday time?  I wonder if it's the added sugar, the added Decor, added store items, or an accumulation of miscellaneous add-ons?  Before my ADHD symptoms Double, let's further Develop your wine collection and take a load off of your to-Do list with some great gift ideas for restaurant-goers.

Keep reading for Details about
Gift cards/certificates
Restaurant Menu note cards and . . .
An exciting promo code offer

Wine works as a gift for Diners-out and Diners-in. Wine #6 is a red wine from Portugal.  Like most of sommelier Daniel Deny's wine picks, this choice is a highly Drinkable Dinner wine, balanced and elegant to avoid colliding with the meal. He advises drinking heavier wines with cheeses or hors d-oeuvres and reserves a lighter wine like this one with the repast.

Producer : Herdade do Esporao
Wine : Esporao Reserva
Vintage : 2008
This wine was created with 70% Trincadira, 20% Alicante Bouschet, and 10% Cabernet Sauvignon. This superb and easy Drinking wine has a Deep, Dark red color. The palate is well-balanced and elegant with layers of ripe fruit and fine supportive tannins. it shows richness and complexity with a long and persistent finish. It will complement well-grilled lamb chops and grilled merguez, a tasty spicy sausage. Available in fine wine shops for around $25 a bottle.   As always, if your store doesn't carry it, you can always ask them to order it for you.  Check out Daniel's other selections in prior posts including the well-priced and oh-so-Divine champagne!

If other gifts are on your mind, it's time to Dovetail themes.  Not all Dining aficionados on your list would appreciate a fine wine. Let's see what else would float the boat of those who consider Dining out among life's greatest pleasures.

The gift card/gift certificate is the ubiquitous currency among those who long ago considered cash to be crass.  Turns out that Open Table has a gift section!  Who knew?  With 215 Los Angeles restaurants, here's the link.  What a find! 


I feel obliged to tell you that giftcards.com has its own section Devoted to L.A. restaurants and nightlife though to be less than Delicate, I found the site to be clunky and unappealing.  But it Definitely has a very large selection that cannot be Denied. http://www.giftcards.com/restaurant-gift-cards-los-angeles-ca

When unique is your gig, this little $19.95 item blew my mind even though it's a bit eccentric.  Vintage L.A. menu note cards!  Check this out.  While the eateries are before our time, they're cool and so is the name of the website: Cool Culinaria!  The inside of the card has a copy of the original menus.  http://coolculinaria.com/collections/vintage-menu-note-card-box-sets/products/los-angeles-vintage-menu-note-cards-box-of-10 

And just like the order in which you open your holiday gifts, I've saved the best for last.  Best not just because I was so excited to find this heavenly new-to-LA website and app, but extra fabulous because I appealed to the company's holiday spirit and they've offered exclusively to D Blog readers a $5.00 off promo code for any item (excluding gift certificates)!! The site/app is Gratafy.  Read on. . .

Gratafy is Described as "the social gifting platform that lets anyone send friends, clients, and coworkers actual Drinks, Dinner, Desserts and a whole lot more from anywhere, anytime. Choose favorite menu items from great restaurants, bars and nightlife spots and they'╩╣ll get the message via email, text or Facebook. Gratafy gifts are real, they're awesome, and they never expire. For more information, please visit www.gratafy.com"  I've already tested the Dblog promo code and it works.  I purchased for a friend her favorite appetizer, the chickpea panelle, at Sotto Restaurant which sells for $6.75.  To test, I applied the promo code Dblog at checkout and Voila (!) $5.00 was Deducted from my cart. My total Due was $1.75!  Thank you Gratafy. https://www.gratafy.com 

I've Downloaded the app (an essential step) and can't wait to surprise friends with cocktails, appetizers or main courses.  The promo code is good for items only and not for gift certificates. Personally, unlike a gift card, I find Gratafy to be way more fun, surprising and like "moi," DRAMATIC!!

It's gotten very late here and I must shut myself and my Devices Down so that I have a fair shot at being slightly more focused tomorrow, even though we'll be only 16 days from Christmas!  Tomorrow, I'll Devote more time in a separate post to this fun Discovery from Gratafy.  But for you night owls, you can get a head start and buy a Gratafy Drink for a friend.  

'Tis the season. 

'Night night.