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Third Street Los Angeles - Lunch Is ON!

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Not talking about the Third Street Promenade, nor Third Downtown, not this time.  At the foot of West Hollywood, less chic-ly known as mid-city, the blocks are filled with shops, eateries and a few real grown-up restaurants.  (OK, kidding about the grown-up part.  Meant that in some places there are more 40-somethings than new kids on the block.)

A friend was in today from San Diego.  She refurbished this entire blog and helped the D Blog look more blog-o-spherically grown-up (not to be redundant). We had plans to work Directly after a great lunch to fuel us.

The hunt was on -- what had I heard was on Third and open for lunch?  Searching provided a revelation.  Third Street is the lunch capital of Los Angeles!  I could walk from my abode to over a Dozen Delicious spots.  Choosing would be a challenge.

We narrowed the field. My mental order follows.

Son of A Gun - seafood emulating art
Joan's On Third - the go in gourmet 
Izakaya by Katsu-ya - Robert Roll - see post 11/10
Goldie's - new and hip 
AOC - Suzanne Goin - says it all - post 11/17 
Simple Things Sandwich and Pie Shop - yum 
Olio Pizzeria - one of best pizzerias 
Little Next Door - Euro cool, food's gotten better
The Churchill - youth is on its side 
Toast - the street's friendliest eggs and salads 
Doughboys - calories r us 
Robata Jinya - robust selection 
Sushi Roku - cool interior

Those 13 include some of the worth-your-while lunch options between 8700 W. Third and 8075 and I feel bad about the ones I excluded. My brain's hard Drive was full from imaging store fronts. I Do know that if I kept going east, we'd add another Dozen at The Grove, not to mention Mendocino Farms. 

Sick of mall shopping?  Plan a Day around Third Street and wander the shops like they're galleries. Several of them qualify. Then sit, sip and savor the goodies for lunch at your Disproportionate number of lunch choices on the street's menu.

Oh son of a gun, I forgot to tell you where we went!  Just Did.  

This is how we started. 

Seven chef-selected menu items followed. 

To be continued . . . still Digesting. . .