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Son of A Gun: The Second to Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo, The Sibling to Animal and Trois Mec

Lunch early before the tables filled on Tuesday, December 10
I'm usually chomping at the bit to try the latest and greatest restaurant, often touted months before opening.  In the case of Animal, the 2008 first-born of the two Dudes, Jon and Vinny, I was there opening week and twice in two weeks that followed their opening.  So how is it possible that when I could literally walk to their 2011 hit, Son of A Gun, I Didn't make it until this week?  Slippage, no Doubt. Egg on face.  Well it's Done now and I made up for lost time. Throughout an hour and a half lunch with a friend, we Drastically Dented eight Dishes.  Okay to be truthful, one item went home. Let me explain.

Our server Jonathan and the chef chose the day's house favorites. They selected, in this order:

1. Satori Oysters from British Columbia
2. Amberjack Sashimi, Serrano, Fish Sauce Vinaigrette
3. Ora King Salmon, Jerk Spice, Kiwi, Palm Sugar Vinaigrette, Habanero Oil
4. Lobster Roll, Lemon Aioli
5. Shrimp Toast Sandwich
6. Pink Lady Apple, Persimmon,
Pepato, Kohlrabi, Hazelnut, Mint
7. Smoked Mahi Fish Dip, Radish, Crackers
8. Fried Chicken Sandwich Spicy Pickle Slaw, Rooster Aioli

For those of you who have had multiple Dippings into Dotolo's and Shook's fish house, you surely know that seafood creations aside, it's all about the fried chicken sandwich!  And sadly, our tummies tried, but since it was the eighth item Delivered, we could barely manage a bite.  I'm Delighted to report that late in the same evening, the Deed was completed.  And that Decadent sandwich is everything it's been said to be, even eight hours after it was originally served.

The picture does not do it justice

As for the seven others, suffice it to say that most were party-in-your-mouth sensational. The freshly flaked horseradish and the just-right cocktail sauce atop perfect Satori oysters boosted our morale as the meal's opener. The sashimi kicked up by the serrano signaled many of the Dishes that were to follow. Touches of hot spice Did not Detract from the mild freshness of the offerings; they woke you up momentarily without overpowering. Ora King salmon melted and tantalized with sweetness.  In its case the Habanero oil was almost missed as the sweet sugar and fruit held their ground.  

Satori Oysters on the half shell

Amberjack Sashimi

Ora King Salmon

The next two, the lobster roll and the shrimp toast sandwich satiated.  If you were choosing one, I'd say go lobster. The playful construction of mixed textures enhances the experience of this savory dish.  In the photo note those perfect fried potato thins leaning on the lobster ready to push it within the well of the brioche. We plunged as Directed by our server and in a flash the plate was empty. The shrimp sandwich is Dripping in a yummy Sriracha mayo and the toast tasted buttery and crisp. According to the healthy-for-you meter, it suggests you're at your own risk!

Lobster Roll
Shrimp Toast Sandwich
It would have pleased me to end with the persimmon, apple, kohlrabi, hazelnut and mint salad topped with gentle-flavored pepato cheese.  For a salad that may not photograph appetizingly, it was simply Delicious.  

Pink Lady Apple, Persimmon and Pepato Salad

Least favorite was the #7 mahi fish dip (not pictured).  Unnecessary with a meal of such interesting flavor.

You know that the sandwich went home.  What's not apparent in the photo is the impressive juiciness of the chicken itself.  I'd read about it and I, like the groupies before me, can't explain why such a cumbersome sandwich is so tantalizing, but it is.  Take our word for it -- and hats off to the Dudes for a foolproof recipe for sealing moisture and tenderness inside a well-breaded deep fried batter and then killing us softly with pickled slaw and spicy rooster aioli!

My friend and I Drooled over a Dessert at the table beside us, the Italian Hamburger: Gianduja (sweet chocolate with hazelnut paste), brioche, caramel, maldon (sea salt) knowing full well that another item at our own table would have signified obscenity. Nevertheless I photographed theirs as they waxed rhapsodically about it. 
Italian Hamburger

Our lunch for two was a Dinner for three. While overfed, I'll consider it my Karma-is-a-bitch Date with Destiny for having waited too long to visit my hood's own Son of A Gun. The food is too tasty to ignore.  Onward to Trois Mec.  Ticket-seller, hold a seat, I'm coming.