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Post-Apocalyptic Blogging and Assorted Restaurant Tidbits

My iMac's Drive crashed on Sunday, December 15 and was pronounced Dead on Arrival at the Apple Store that same night.  "It's gone Ilene Wendy" and no, there are no repair options, only the purchase of a new one without Data.  My backup, you ask? It malfunctioned and forced a hiatus from blogging since my beloved iPad and Google's Blogger don't get along well.  It's okay.  I'm a lucky girl and not just because I've been Dished LA's best Dishes for years on end. Turns out I was wired with backup for my backup and resources of all kinds, the most important of which are the kind people to help. 

The reckoning of tech-Dependence.  The realization of my computer's worth.  The admission that I'd worked it and me too hard.  The erroneous perception that my hard Drive was soulless (made more resonant by the new film, Her) gave birth to the recognition that it carried my energy like a car that was Driven into the ground.

The learning from this temporary Debacle: connection is the reason I blog, Dine and ultimately live.  I took time off and spent more of it examining me and the obsessive Drive, not the hardware one, that often offsets the meaning of it all.  I regrouped.  I had visits with friends; some included meals and some Didn't.  I met lovely humans who wanted to help and even offered their computers.  I Declined. 

I'm on an old Windows laptop today that I resurrected from the Dust.  Sure, I could have emailed myself all the iPhone photos from recent restaurant visits and found some nice websites to edit the photos. Alas, please accept me bare without much more than words.  I'll be back in the blog world with my new Drive soon enough.

Tidbit-wise, I've had two yummy Dinners out.  As some of you know, I Don't write about places if they're not pretty terrific.  Not my Design to hurt feelings and bash the usually well-intended and earnest of people out there.  If something is really not right, I speak Directly to the people at the restaurant who 98% of the time appreciatively listen and respectfully respond.  Most of my Dining out experiences are good ones. It's like film-going to me.  I hit up rottentomatoes.com for the critics' consensus before Dropping $15/ticket. Odds are in my favor.

For the curious, the greatest recent outing was to Craft.  Tom Colicchio's reputation Demands its excellence.  Even Tom is only as good as the last meal his Disciples serve. His credibility as a "Top Chef" judge is at stake!  This was my fourth Dining experience at Craft and I noticed that they Demonstrated their most meticulous Details since its opening week. Order a meat Delicacy; they shine in that arena are are committed to sustainable, ethical farms, all listed on the menu.  Another Delicious Dinner was enjoyed at The Wilshire.  What it lacked in inventiveness, it made up in service and ambiance.  Both are solid choices for an evening out though needless to say, Craft takes its food and wine more seriously and the resultant energy in the room reflects that.

I'm blessed.  Can't say it enough today as my computer is being tidied up for return to me. Thank you to the wonderful friends, family and supportive people who join me on this journey.  And special thanks to my new yet-unknown-to-me readers who've stopped by these last two months and added honor to my work.

Happy happy happy happy healthy warm and wonderful holidays.  May your connections fill you with Deep gratitude.  May you Dine with those you love and with love in your hearts. 

All best from the D blog to you,

Ilene Wendy