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An App for An App-etizer? $5 GRATAFY.com Offer Here.

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Gratafy, the exciting new App that recently expanded to Los Angeles is offering an exclusive PROMO CODE to D Blog readers for $5.00 off any menu item listed on their site or app.  The promo code DBLOG, entered at checkout is good until December 31 but the gift itself has NO EXPIRATION DATE!  Despite my unabashed enthusiasm, I have no personal connection to this app and just happened to find it while seeking gift ideas for people who love Dining out.  Gratafy Describes itself as a social gifting platform that lets anyone send friends, clients, and coworkers actual Drinks, Dinner, Desserts and a whole lot more from anywhere, anytime. Using their website or app,  choose favorite menu items from great restaurants, bars and nightlife spots and your gift recipients will get the message via email, text or Facebook. Gratafy gifts are awesome and they never expire. For more information, please visit www.gratafy.com. For a Direct link, scroll down to the red Gratafy banner located on this blog's sidebar!  I'm sure they'd be interested in feedback if you gave them a try. With the Dblog code for $5.00 off, not much to lose.

Some of my picks that have signed onto Gratafy and offer menu items are Sotto, Picca, Short Order, Petty Cash Taqueria, Jones, Bar Toscana, Mo-Chica, The Hudson, Chaya, The Churchill and Paiche. Visit the website, Download the app and buy an app-etizer.  I Did.  Gratified. (Sometimes my writing is so hokey!  Forgive me please; it's late.)

In restaurant news, this Friday, the 13th, Plan Check is opening its second site on Fairfax.  http://www.latimes.com/food/dailydish/ 
This puts a second pretty fabulous burger option on Fairfax Ave. after Golden State had staked claim there for the past two years.  I'd love to know which you thought was better.  May have to open a new burger poll, last surveyed in October!

Next concierge post will answer some of the questions that have come in lately.  If you have a question for a place to go for a special occasion or a special interest, please Don't be shy. Let me know by email or ask a Dblog reader in the comment section. 


Happy Thursday, December 12, my Dad's birthday! The original D is for Daddy.  I think he'd be proud.  By his example, I learned to love Dining and Dancing.