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Wine with Dinner #2

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Daniel Deny, sommelier and proprietor of Primitivo Wine Bistro is back with another wine that is he has Distinguished as worthy of serious Diner attention.  This time a red, also French.  Does anyone Discern a Francophile bias? "No indeed," I counter somewhat Defensively.  It is also worth noting that Daniel's preference in wines tends towards lighter, very drinkable, easily paired wines, whose characters are not as full-bodied or complex as many that are highly touted. That said, as we head into cooler weather, the wines he recommends will increase in fullness.

Producer : Domaine Rolet
Grape  : 100% Trousseau
Strawberry, a little bit of blackberry and characteristic spiciness of this varietal appear on the nose,
and on the mouth. It has a lot of presence, warm flavors reminiscent of cooked strawberry, raspberry
and various spicy and peppery nuances.
This amazing wine should be paired with a cured ham or a beautiful Dry salami.
On the wine list at Primitivo Wine Bistro.

Listed at $49.00 a bottle  (A steal for a wine of this caliber)

As with Daniel's other selections, it will take some Determined Digging to find a bottle at a wine store or on line though it's not impossible.  I've invested some time tonight and Discovered it, well-priced even, with only one slight caveat.  It's in Belgium on a site that I couldn't read! Daniel suggested that if you have Developed, or care to, a relationship with some of the better wine stores (Du Vin, Wine House, Silverlake, Larchmont, Wally's) they can order the wine for you. In the meantime, it's currently available at Primitivo! 

Cheers.  Santé!

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Venice, CA 90291
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