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Where Should We Have Dinner?

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Now that I Dove back into writing restaurant reviews, I recall how much vibrancy there is in the city's Dining scene. Years ago, I wrote Daily articles for LA Dining, the first (yes, FIRST, as in 1995!) website Dedicated to all things restaurant-related in Los Angeles.  On it, aside from formal reviews, I hosted a Q &A column that caught on for people who wanted to know where to Dine. "Aha," thought blogger-me, "I could once again be your personal Digital Dining concierge!"

Mostly, this works through the green email icon, the envelope, on the sidebar.  People ask specific questions for an occasion or a cuisine, and I'll answer here or through email.  You can also ask through the comments section below.  It feels meaningful to me, and hopefully to you, to serve the Diner who's seeking a good fit.  If I help you find the right place for you, your family, your friends, your business associates, your guests, your partner, or your potential sweetheart to Dine and spend hours connecting, then this blog has more purpose.  

This one is not alive.  Find live one in sidebar!

As much as I'd love to be, I'm not #Lesley Balla, #Kat O'Dell, #DarinDines or #KevinEats!  They're my idols, fully committed to my Dream life, out nightly living the food adventure.  Though I relish writing reviews in lavishly Descriptive ways,  I will only get to fabulous places once or twice a week. On the other Days and nights, I am an ardent researcher who Devours Dining headlines and Details. I will find the most amazing lists. (Like this one: http://www.thrillist.com/eat/los-angeles/beverly-hills/the-best-sushi-in-los-angeles) No need for me to reinvent the wheel since there are gobs of blogs out there cranking out the info, and they're Doing it so well. I'll collate the data I gather (women are gatherers after all!), then correlate it with my own experiences.  Despite my very best intentions, I can't guarantee a perfect evening or that the woman or man you're proposing to at Dinner will say yes, but I may cut short your bemusement about where to ask.  

I will try to send you to where George Clooney is but I can't guarantee.

A few questions that came in this week: 

Q.: "What's the next big hit - the one place that will be hardest to get a reservation? I want to get one now before everyone finds out."
A. Republique.  Word got out before its official opening.  Hop on it.

Q. "For my 40th birthday, I want a happy hour place on a Monday night with good eats and about 5 good friends.  We're in the West Hollywood area."
A. Tortilla Republic comes to mind first.  But this list has at least six others I can vouch for: http://guestofaguest.com/los-angeles/features/guides/your-guide-to-beverly-hills-west-hollywoods-best-happy-hours&slide=1   And Happy Birthday! 

So the concierge is in.  5 cents please.  Looking forward to your questions.  Let's stay posted!