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Spago and Baco Mercat: Connecting the Dots via Video

Friday night I ate at Spago, Beverly Hills.  It far exceeded expectations and then I wondered why expectations wouldn't have been the highest anyway. Why did I presume they'd lost their edge?  Last night I had a long-awaited Dinner at Baco Mercat in Downtown LA.  The Disparities between the two restaurants couldn't be more apparent.  Still, I savored them with equal Delight Due to their level of commitment and the energy exuded by their Devotees who flock for sensational tastes. Spago sets a supreme standard for grown-up chic and slick.  Baco Mercat Dons a Downtown vibe with earthy warmth and edgy style.

What is the common Denominator?  According to this fun spot on CBS Sunday Morning that aired in November, it's the "foodie" phenomenon. Featured in it are Wolfie (!) Puck and others who seem Dynamically charged by what they Do.  You'll see some who make restaurants happen, some who write about them (including Jonathan Gold) and some who Devoutly Devour the food.  Instead of Divulging the Dishes of the two restaurants, today I just want to share this video piece.  It connects Dots for me (hopefully for you) and with more charm than the written word might Do.

Wolfgang Puck is a kick, isn't he?! :)