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F + F = D

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"Dining with one’s friends and beloved family is certainly one of life’s primal and most innocent Delights, one that is both soul-satisfying and eternal." 
~Julia Child

On my first blog post, I attempted to make a Distinction between being a food writer and a restaurant reviewer.  The two terms are used in culinary circles rather interchangeably and I Didn't want to misrepresent myself as an expert connoisseur of cuisine.  What I've Developed is an adventurous palate and a Deep appreciation and respect for the creators of the special Dining out experience.  

I've always been passionate about having Dining as the context for personal connections.  It is my belief that nothing is as significant in a life than one's relationships.  Each of us finds Different ways to connect.  Whether it be to connect with oneself through meditation or to join with teammates on a sports team, there are myriads of ways to form binding ties, for fleeting moments or for a lifetime. 

Food was one of my very first friends. I loved it and it loved me. Around food were the people I Dearly cherished.  It started at my parents' kitchen table, then moved to rounds of grown-up Dinner parties.  Ultimately, the math equation didn't balance when the time and energy to shop, prepare and clean exceeded the precious time to bond. Progressively, I became the 90's riddle: 
Q. - What Did you make for Dinner? 
A. - Reservations. 

Through restaurants, affectionate conviviality has sprouted.  My friendships have flourished sharing meals at Deluxe establishments and Dive eateries. My passion for the restaurant experience increases Daily. Dynamic energy is fueled by my appetite's juices and the creative roots of talented chefs. It is an honor to have this forum to express my love of food as well as love for those who Divide it with me. Hopefully, this blog will inspire others to cast a wider net at the Digesting table, reeling in laughter, friendships and mouthwatering Delights.