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"D" (also) Won the Special Night Out Poll

Congratulations to Providence

By one vote, Providence won the place most would like to go for a special Dinner night out. Choices included the following non-Downtowners in alphabetical order:  A) Hatfield's  B) Hinoki and the Bird C) Melisse D) Providence E) Spago and F) Trois Mec.  What are the odds that "D" won both of my polls on the D Blog? But I Digress. . . Hatfield's came in second and lost by one vote. I'm a big fan of the runner-up and glad to read that many voters are too. In a pleasant surprise, to me at least, Trois Mec tied for third with Hinoki and the Bird.  And Melisse and Spago really trailed.  At the end of the Day, this is still a perspective issue.  At that level of restaurant, no one is really losing.  It's kind of like sports.  There are 30 NBA teams.  By the time you get Down to six, the sixth isn't a poor team.  It's better than 24 others.  However, it Doesn't mean that some players won't get traded.  Time will tell.

As for Providence, since 2005, this upscale outpost for superior seafood prepared by California's fish whisperer, Michael Cimarusti, has remained a hailed Destination for fine Dining.  The Delicate precision and the consummate understanding of fish as a Delicacy catapulted Michael to the top.  Moreover, since word on the street about chefs gets around, it is consistently said that Michael is a mensch! The German and Yiddish word "mensch" is best Defined as "a person having admirable characteristics, such as fortitude and firmness of purpose" or as "a person of integrity and honor." This bodes well for my impression of a restaurant.  As I introduced when I began writing the blog, it is simply not all about food for me as a Dining enthusiast.  The energy that is transmitted, the love that is put into the food and the clear intention of purpose must all align in the Diner's favor. Everything I've ever observed and read about Michael C. leads me to believe that his DNA is saturated with the love of fish and that his intention is to honor the flavors of fish with pure art and appreciation.

Scallop Ceviche

Providence is not without controversy.  While most bow down to its league-of-its-own status, and while it won Jonathan Gold's #1 spot this year for Best Restaurant in LA, some Diners are more chill, including two of my closest friends who anticipated loving it and were cooled by its pretenses.  They are adventurous foodies so it was not the food that put them off. My experience awed me but did not warm me. It is best to know that before your first visit and then any friendly and relaxed manner you encounter will be noted and the lack thereof won't Disappoint. Depending on your server and the Diners nearby, this could feel like a place that loves food and wine more than it loves you.  For Jonathan Gold and throngs of others, that's more than enough.

**A few extra notes in case you Do make Providence your special night out: 

*If you can allow yourselves the indulgence, the Chef's Tasting Menu showcases the chef's magnificence and will, without Doubt, impress and make memorable your experience.  13-16 courses at approximately $200/person is well worth the engagement with Michael's modern and tasty morsels. (Think baked oysters with caviar 

or abalone and squid chorizo kabobs.)  

*For the casual and more budget-minded, this past summer, Michael Cimarusti spawned (pun intended) Connie and Ted's on Santa Monica Blvd. in West Hollywood, an homage to fish for sure.  From his tweets, I can see that's where he's spending much, Dare I say most, of his time. I think he's enjoying the lower key -- and just maybe it relaxes him like fishing Does.