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And He Didn't Tell Me First?

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So for the past few years, my number one tip-line for all things Dining in L.A. has been the amazing-bar-none blog, EaterLA.  An hour ago, I received the following news days after I posted my adulating review of Chef M and BB. Good news (I was onto something) - clearly Bernhard Mairinger is a rising (already risen) superstar in the kitchen and media. My parents used to say, "Cream rises to the top." Bad news - sorry to those who were all set to book reservations for later this year.  Looks like you will have to wait until 2014.  However, I just checked Open Table and there are reservations available between now and November 9, 2013.  May be worth the price of a babysitter to see him in his tiny kitchen before he goes big (big-ger - he's already 6'7"!). If you get there in the next two weeks, you can say you knew him when...

Here's the reprint from EaterLA (without the ads etc.): 

BierBeisl Moving Out of BH in November, Headed West

Earlier this year Bernhard Mairinger, the young chef behind Beverly Hills' nearly two-year-old Austrian restaurant BierBeisl, was nominated as "Rising Star Chef of the Year 2013″ by James Beard, and BierBeisl was also a semifinalist in the "Best New Restaurant" category. Mairinger has received consistent critical acclaim, so it's not entirely surprising to hear that the chef is relocating his small Beverly Hills restaurant to a larger space on the westside next year. Reps says that Mairinger "has decided to go on hiatus for a few months" as of November 9 and during that time he will cook for a variety of food events and also return home to Austria to resource "new ingredients, new recipes and recruiting chefs, sommeliers, and staff for his new endeavor."
After working 24/7 for two years and establishing BierBeisl as a major force in the culinary landscape, Chef/Owner Bernhard Mairinger has decided to go on hiatus for a few months so he can focus all his energy on his new concept and new location for a bigger and better BierBeisl restaurant happening in 2014. (We will be sending you details in the coming weeks – hint, it will be on the Westside!) But he won't be resting. Already on his calendar – major food festivals and TV appearances in Asia and Europe; closer to home is the Breeder's Cup VIP party with Bobby Flay; Eureka popups with wunderkind chef Flynn McGarry; classes at a local cooking school; an event at the Austrian consulate and a host of holiday parties. In the new year, Chef Mairinger will return to Austria for some family time; skiing his favorite Alps; enjoying the world's best schnapps, but more importantly he will be resourcing new ingredients, new recipes and recruiting chefs, sommeliers, and staff for his new endeavor. The last night of regular dinner service at BierBeisl will be November 9. A closing party is in the works (there's lots of wine, beer and schnapps to finish off).

For the record, I'm a little sad. It's how I felt having seen Neal Fraser open tiny haunt Boxer in 1995 when no one in LA was constructing food like architecture. Or how I felt when I saw Lady Gaga as a raw opening act for a has-been group. Or Michael Buble in a hotel lounge with a half empty room. I was so excited in the moment and later knew they weren't going to be in those positions long. I felt like I'd experience loss once they were being shared on a wider scale. The hope is that they maintain their humility and unfettered talent while retaining gratitude for those who Discovered them.  I always hope that celebrity doesn't corrupt them. 

Good luck Chef Bernhard Mairinger.  You Deserve the bigness of your stature -- and you've earned your accolades.