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Salt Air and its Fresh Air are Open for Lunch

Gjelina, Gjelina, Gjelina... I know that's where I got stuck on Abbot Kinney.  Oh I Don't mean stuck as if I Didn't like it, but stuck in that it held me as though there weren't other viable options for a finicky foodie with a penchant for cool crowds and vibrant vibes.  But things are happening in Venice. Older restaurants (Primitivo Wine Bistro, Joe's) are tweaking their menus and paying attention to the trends (thank you Gjelina for luring us-eastsiders to the west and giving overflow to old standby spots). And new restaurants have been popping up and giving Gjelina a run for its money, though I would say their bank accounts are safe for now. 

The Tasting Kitchen started to challenge Gjelina's foothold, and others followed.  Salt Air is one of the more special out of the Abbot Kinney newbies and is now open for lunch. So if you're reluctant to make the big C for D (commitment for Dinner), the lunch menu pictured below is risk-free.  This is clean food in a super clean environment that appears beach-y in the New England or Hampton's way.  It works somehow on a street that prides itself on having an edgy, funky flair for the old and new hipster.  All I can add is Delicious Delicious Delicious.  The pictures tell you the rest.  More Details after my next visit there. Or please, if you've been for Dinner, post a comment. Would love to hear. 

Front of restaurant faces Abbot Kinney Blvd.
Fresh, flavorful and colorful Root Vegetable Salad
Lunch menu
Smart looking bar doubles as counter
House made linguini with pistachio pesto and veggie burger

1616 Abbot Kinney Blvd
Venice, CA 90291
Neighborhood: Venice
(310) 396-9333