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From C to D

"Let's start at the very beginning," the lyric leapt into my brain as though "Do Re Mi" were a song I hear now. Streams of thought quickened from musical notes to ABC's. The alphabet, the quintessential Center of my teacher self, is a topic I've Decidedly screamed that I'm not blogging about. Though elementary education is my work, my Calling, and a love for sure, it's very separate from the passions that are Closer to my Dreams. So what's with the letters? The mind quietly reminded my brain that after ABC comes D. Note D#1 = Dreams.

While working, C seemed to monopolize my life --- Commuting to Crossroads School in my Car left my adored Cats home while I professionally Connected and Communicated in a Community until I returned later to Cook, Clean and resume my love/hate relationship with my Computer.  C has been the the Core of my goings-on for a multitude of years and though rarely discussed included some nasty encounters with the C word.

And then the world shifted. A Dream became reality, a wish granted. I was awarded a five month sabbatical leave by C#1- Crossroads - a grant that took away the bane of my existence as I'd known it -- the Clock.  And forgive the alphabetical backtrack, but that is how you are reading my B - Blog #1. Because now I have more time for the Dreamy passions: Dining, Dancing and Dating (only now I'm Dating just one, whose name coincidentally begins with yes, you guessed it, D).

So Blog #1 begins with D#2- Dining - as in restaurants - and is inspired by a smart gutsy former Colleague. I thank you Devvon for having the Courage to blog and put yourself out there about your passion for Cooking. I wish you the best and will be following your journey.  And I bet our paths will Cross as the relationship between Cooking and Dining is, well, Definite.

Los Angeles is the City which lured me because the Dining, even in the 90's when I moved here, was off the Charts. In the restaurant world, L.A. was always seen as sloppy seconds to New York and Northern California (notably San Francisco and Napa) and not as hearty as the middle-Country where Chicago served American Classics.  Los Angeles was mired in its stereotype of scene vs. quality.  Known as the less erudite, schooled, and serious of the Cities, Los Angeles was hardly appreciated by Critics who Dined and then wrote about it.

Enter me, who supported their Claims, for without any formal training, my first work in L.A. was that of a restaurant reviewer, food writer, and Columnist for the website, LA Dining.  Hooked is an understatement.  And though LA Dining went the way of most 90's start-ups, I fell madly in love with the Dining scene, from the holes in the wall to the finest of fine.  I followed Chefs, neighborhoods, trends, Cuisines and people. I grew up and started to taste things that my former Philadelphia self would have shunned.  I pretended to know foods and wines long before I had any idea what I was writing about. And passion for eating turned to passion for learning about what made some restaurants work when others wished for Diners at their Doors.  Few restauranteurs lack passion.  But some had the magic and learned to endure.  I ate it all up, literally and figuratively. Never full from the creative mastery of a to-Die-for Chef's Cooking, I am ever more a Devotee of Dining adventurously well and sharing the knowledge and wonder. That L.A.restaurants, like its Denizens, are often Daring is little surprise. It is time to Celebrate that many of these exciting eateries now sit as equals in the world of foodie excellence.

I'd love my D blog to be a Dialogue.  With luck and your ideas, it should Develop into a useful place for us to Chat about the latest hits in our Dining hearts.  Always learning and open to suggestions. Not unlike my original Column for LA Dining where inquirers asked about where they should Dine to propose marriage to their honeys, or host their in-laws or eat the best sushi, if this works, it should invigorate Discussion about the restaurants that keep us from sitting on our Couches. I don't know how it will go but I know this -- I feel alive just beginning with D.  All the D's in my life are currently bringing more joy than I ever Dared to Dream and the alarm Clock never rings.

(Blog #2. Stay tuned. Dining continues. Thinking of favorites now.  Formulating a mental list of LA's latest and consistently greatest. Mouth is watering imagining best LA Dishes. What $50+ per person place has been worth your time and resources more than once?  Why? Do you have a new favorite?  Do you have questions? Can't wait to explore.  And no he's not my new D -- though might have been a DREAM once. But oh I Digressed. That's Michael Voltaggio ink-ed. Duh!)