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From Best to Wurst -- Bratwurst that is! Sausage As A Revelation


Beverly Hills' BierBeisl, a tiny and pure Austrian gem, was birthed and is conscientiously parented by Chef Bernhard Mairinger, gifted career chef formerly from Patina. Considering I last reviewed Bestia, no restaurant of this quality is as ostensibly Different.  BierBeisl is quiet and intimate, and there is an inescapable feeling that you're Dining on food that is carefully prepared with profound attention to Detail. Perhaps like the cuisine and the heritage of the culture, precision is stressed here unlike Bestia's daring concepts that may take precedence above measured ingredients.  To understand Chef Mairinger and his love of the finest Details, here's a close-up video of the chef and his girlfriend shopping the Farmers Market in Beverly Hills. You're not likely to last the Duration of the 25 minute video but you'll no Doubt get the idea. He's really likeable here chatting with California's best vendors, appreciating and tasting produce from stone fruit to Dandelion greens.  Copy and paste: http://vimeo.com/71831814

BierBeisl exceeded my expectations and blew away concerns that it was too small to be heralded in this big city. Its simplicity and Dedication to food are all too pleasing to be ignored by the foodies in town.  You feel as though you've been handed a homemade gift from your Dearest friend. She may not "get" your trendy style, but you "get" the love she poured into making that gift for you.  That is what I felt while Delicately slurping the Creamy Pumpkin Soup with white tomato foam and pumpkin seed pesto. It's not in the first spoonful that you are in love and Don't want it to end. It lingers on your taste buds while you fill your spoon again.  You accept its proposal before the bowl is empty.   

The house salad was hardly as benign as its name.  In fact, it's a just-right Delicacy to open with before the hearty food that is to come. Each morsel of the ingredients above the buttery soft lettuce from the roasted corn to the crispy pork lardons, to the perfected croutons and Parmesan shavings are tasted. 

There is a childhood fairy tale image we all can conjure of the giant in a tiny room. This is what remains in your periphery throughout your Dinner. The chef is 6'7".  By comparison and by all measures, his kitchen is very small.  His presence Dominates though he is hyper-focused, ever-intense on the work of the food. Despite my best attempts, I never caught his eye! Many chefs at his level relax more and seek validation through crowd-pleasing appearances. Here, all energy is focused on the tastes - including individually crafted sausage samplers and Vienna 3-meat-choice Schnitzel. It was Difficult not to Devolve into my teenage self when my Dining partner's Sausage Sampler plate arrived. There is nothing pretty to this very visual Diner, me, about a plate full of phallic blank-wurst. I had not studied my Austrian or Polish varieties nor had learned to appreciate the full-bodied-ness (bad pun) of these wide or thinly girthed sausages! So I raised an eyebrow as my foodie friend Delighted in his sausage plate and raved about the varieties. There was so much to eat that I took the remaining home.  In the privacy of my own kitchen, I cut into each sausage and wunderbar! A Revelation. This is not your mother's, your father's or Jimmy Deen's sausage.  I wouldn't recommend the entire sampler plate unless you were Dining in a small group, but if you are two, order at least one of the wursts that your server recommends.

Though Schnitzel is the main Draw, our server referred me to the Creamy Veal Goulash and the so Delicate hand-cut spaetzle.  She had my number hinting that the Schnitzel to some is slightly Dry.  I Doubt it's unpleasantly Dry and all the same, she knew what my palate was craving that night.  After all, she witnessed me getting engaged to the pumpkin soup.

No Discussion about BierBeisl can be complete (and be glad you didn't have BierBeisl on a spelling bee -- I've rearranged the i's and e's hundreds of times in prepping for this blog!) without talk about the beers and wines.  With one exception from Hungary, the wines are Austrian and my companion, who is a certified sommelier, was seen lovingly rolling his eyes back in his head from the wine selection, so pure, like the restaurant.  His selection, Divine.  Before long, he was Drinking along with the stranger beside us and both waxed poetically about the particular tastes of Austrian wine.  See the list: http://www.bierbeisl-la.com/menu/wine-list/  and while on the site, see the beers too.  Not to be missed if you're headed down sausage lane.

As my blog continues, you will see that I will not waste my energy and your time writing about restaurants that Disappoint.  And so, without any reservation, though you'll need one to get in, I refer you to BierBeisl.

9669 S Santa Monica Blvd  
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
(310) 271-7274

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