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"D" Won the Burger Poll


In the last minutes of the week long poll on best burger in a burger-centric restaurant a critical mass of votes came in. Of the four choices: A. Umami B.Golden State C. Short Order and D. Father's Office, wouldn't you know that D won on the D blog?!  This is proof that some elections are completely honest 'cause if I were inclined to tamper with voting, Golden State would have won out of those choices.  That isn't to say that Golden State is home to my favorite burger in L.A. It just feels like more of a find, as though its conceit is in not knowing that it's so good. My choice for best burger is not even in a burger joint. Long ago, I Discovered the Kobe burger at the Izakaya by Kat-suya on Third Street in Los Angeles. It's a simple burger but the meat is soft and so perfectly prepared that it slides down as smoothly as their phenomenal sashimi. Though full size, I've been tempted to eat two of them at one sitting! 

So what's my beef with Father's Office?  Frankly, I've only been once so I'm basing my Dissent on my weakness for TV chef competitions.  Oh the embarrassment!  No excuses though.  I work hard when I'm not Dining out or watching Quick Fire challenges.  Reality competitions energize me.  On the last season of "Top Chef Masters," Sang Yoon, owner of Father's Office, was kicking butt.  His mind was sharp, even witty, while his ingenuity in the kitchen was riveting.  There was some foreshadowing that he had a temper, a meanness perhaps, but always it was offset by his higher self.  I was a fan.  And then his infamous Downfall happened at the show's favorite episode known as "Restaurant Wars."  We fans were left agape as he was bleeped repeatedly for condescendingly berating servers who volunteer for the show.  It was cringe-worthy to see an experienced chef of his stature lose his cool, and verbally badger the powerless wait-staff, unapologetically.  Yikes! That said, a poll is not a personality contest and I Do trust that his burgers won fair and square because they're rare and round with flavor.  As the chef himself said on the episode, "All's fair in love and restaurant wars!"

(P.S. The video of Chef Sang Yoon losing his cool can be seen here, though it's been edited in his favor.  http://www.thebraiser.com/top-chef-masters-season-5-restaurant-wars/  And Despite my Disappointment in his arrogant behavior, I continue to respect his work and success.  Want to meet for a burger there soon -- a holiday party for the D blog fans?  I'll be the one wearing a mask -- after writing this.)